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Record keeping began December 2017


Sunrise7:45 AM
Sunset4:17 PM
Solar Noon12:01 PM
Solar Day08:32 hh:mm

Lunar Phase  Waning Gibbous
Illumination  %
New Moon  12-Dec-23
Full Moon  26-Dec-23


High5.8°C3:15 PM
Low-0.7°C2:08 AM
Max Wind12.87 kph3:25 PM
Rain0.00 mm

High6.0°C1:57 PM
Low-1.0°C7:20 AM
Max Wind14.48 kph2:59 PM
Rain0.0 mm

Wind43.45 kph2020
Rain35.8 mm2021


Average High7.2°Con this day
Average Low2.6°Con this day

Average High9.8°Cwith deviation of 2.9°C
Average Low4.1°Cwith deviation of 3.3°C
Average Rain241.5 mm

Statutory Holidays
Seasonal Markers

British Columbia
January 1stSundayNew Year's Day
January 22ndSundayLunar New Year
February 2ndThursdayGroundhog Day
February 20thMondayFamily Day
March 12thSundayDST begins 2am
••• ••• •••
March 20thMondaySpring Equinox
April 7thFridayGood Friday
April 9thSundayEaster
April 10thMondayEaster Monday
May 22ndMondayVictoria Day
••• ••• •••
June 21stWednesdaySummer Solstice
July 1stSaturdayCanada Day
August 6thSundayVancouver Pride
August 7thMondayBC Day
September 4thMondayLabour Day
••• ••• •••
September 22ndFridayAutumn Equinox
September 30thSaturdayTruth & Reconciliation
October 9thMondayThanksgiving Day
October 31stTuesdayHalloween
November 5thSundayDST ends 2am
November 11thSaturdayRemembrance Day
November 12thSundayDiwali
December 7thThursdayHanukkah Begins
••• ••• •••
December 21stThursdayWinter Solstice
December 24thSundayChristmas Eve
December 25thMondayChristmas Day
December 26thTuesdayBoxing Day
December 31stSundayNew Year's Eve

British Columbia
January 1stMondayNew Year's Day
February 2ndFridayGroundhog Day
February 10thSaturdayLunar New Year
February 19thMondayFamily Day
March 10thSundayDST begins 2am
••• ••• •••
March 19thTuesdaySpring Equinox
March 29thFridayGood Friday
March 31stSundayEaster
April 1stMondayEaster Monday
May 20thMondayVictoria Day
••• ••• •••
June 20thThursdaySummer Solstice
July 1stMondayCanada Day
August 4thSundayVancouver Pride
August 5thMondayBC Day
September 2ndMondayLabour Day
••• ••• •••
September 22ndSundayAutumn Equinox
September 30thMondayTruth & Reconciliation
October 14thMondayThanksgiving Day
October 31stThursdayHalloween
November 1stFridayDiwali
November 3rdSundayDST ends 2am
November 11thMondayRemembrance Day
••• ••• •••
December 21stSaturdayWinter Solstice
December 24thTuesdayChristmas Eve
December 25thWednesdayChristmas Day
December 25thWednesdayHanukkah Begins
December 26thThursdayBoxing Day
December 31stWednesdayNew Year's Eve

British Columbia
January 1stSaturdayNew Year's Day
February 1stTuesdayLunar New Year
February 2ndWednesdayGroundhog Day
February 21stMondayFamily Day
March 13thSundayDST begins 2am
••• ••• •••
March 20thSundaySpring Equinox
April 15thFridayGood Friday
April 17thSundayEaster
April 18thMondayEaster Monday
May 23rdMondayVictoria Day
••• ••• •••
June 21stTuesdaySummer Solstice
July 1stFridayCanada Day
July 31stSundayVancouver Pride
August 1stMondayBC Day
September 5thMondayLabour Day
••• ••• •••
September 22ndThursdayAutumn Equinox
September 30thFridayTruth & Reconciliation
October 10thMondayThanksgiving Day
October 24thMondayDiwali
October 31stMondayHalloween
November 6thSundayDST ends 2am
November 11thFridayRemembrance Day
December 18thSundayHanukkah Begins
••• ••• •••
December 21stWednesdayWinter Solstice
December 24thSaturdayChristmas Eve
December 25thSundayChristmas Day
December 26thMondayBoxing Day
December 31stSaturdayNew Year's Eve

British Columbia
January 1stFridayNew Year's Day
February 2ndTuesdayGroundhog Day
February 12thFridayLunar New Year
February 15thMondayFamily Day
March 14thSundayDST begins 2am
March 20thSaturdaySpring Equinox
••• ••• •••
April 2ndFridayGood Friday
April 4thSundayEaster
April 5thMondayEaster Monday
May 24thMondayVictoria Day
June 20thSundaySummer Solstice
••• ••• •••
July 1stThursdayCanada Day
August 1stSundayVancouver Pride
August 2ndMondayBC Day
September 6thMondayLabour Day
September 22ndWednesdayAutumn Equinox
September 30thThursdayTruth & Reconciliation
••• ••• •••
October 11thMondayThanksgiving Day
October 31stSundayHalloween
November 7stSundayDST ends 2am
November 11thThursdayRemembrance Day
December 21stTuesdayWinter Solstice
••• ••• •••
December 24thFridayChristmas Eve
December 25thSaturdayChristmas Day
December 26thSundayBoxing Day
December 31stSaturdayNew Year's Eve

British Columbia
January 1stNew Year's Day
January 25thLunar New Year
February 2ndGroundhog Day
February 17thFamily Day
March 8thDST begins 2am
March 19thSpring Equinox
••• •••
April 10thGood Friday
April 12thEaster
April 13thEaster Monday
May 18thVictoria Day
June 20thSummer Solstice
••• •••
July 1stCanada Day
August 3rdBC Day
September 7thLabour Day
September 22ndAutumn Equinox
••• •••
October 12thThanksgiving Day
October 31stHalloween
November 1stDST ends 2am
November 11thRemembrance Day
December 21stWinter Solstice
••• •••
December 24thChristmas Eve
December 25thChristmas Day
December 26thBoxing Day
December 31stNew Year's Eve

British Columbia
January 1stNew Year's Day
February 2ndGroundhog Day
February 5thLunar New Year
February 18thFamily Day
March 10thDST begins 2am
March 20thSpring Equinox
••• •••
April 19thGood Friday
April 21stEaster
April 22ndEaster Monday
May 20thVictoria Day
June 21stSummer Solstice
••• •••
July 1stCanada Day
August 5thBC Day
September 2ndLabour Day
September 23rdAutumn Equinox
••• •••
October 14thThanksgiving Day
October 31stHalloween
November 3rdDST ends 2am
November 11thRemembrance Day
December 21stWinter Solstice
••• •••
December 24thChristmas Eve
December 25thChristmas Day
December 26thBoxing Day
December 31stNew Year's Eve

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